Same Day Delivery

Delight your customers with guaranteed Same Day Delivery, send urgent parcels across the city and get reverse pickups dropped at your place same day.

Your fulfillment orders are automatically scheduled for Same Day delivery from the nearest Darkstore.

Courier & Shipping

Parcel your stuff across the world from
the convenience of your home or office
with our suitable On-Demand Courier &
Shipping services.

The seamless integration b/w our Darkstore
and renowned courier partners ensures
Same Day express shipping for your
intercity fulfillment orders.

Same Day Fulfillment

Enhance your customers' experience across all sales channels by providing Same-day Fulfillment cum delivery through our network of Darkstores.

And the best part – Gain this competitive edge without any upfront investment of time & money. No storage charges, No hidden costs. Pay only when you Sell.

How Delygo simplifies your business ?

Integrate API

We integrate directly with e-commerce platforms, couriers, marketplaces & business partners

Bulk Order Upload

Aggregate all your orders from diffrent channels and bulk upload them through single excel file

Track Order

Track all your orders here as well as under your business dashboard with just a few clicks


Offer cash on delivery across all sales channels to accelerate growth and delight customers

Want to simplify your business logistics?